7 Tips: How to Curl Short Hair with a Straightener

Women are damn conscious about their hair and they like to enable various styles on their hair by using different equipment. There is best hair brush for straightening, irons and other tools as well for the styling of hair. But what if you have a straightener only and you want to enjoy various types of hair style. Especially, the curling of short hair by the use of hair straightener is a difficult task to perform but we are going to mention here some useful tricks for all of you to have fun.


Before, you get to start curling your short hair, make sure that you have hair straightening brush recommended for short hair. By using the other one, you might find it difficult to perform this operation. It is highly recommended to use the best hair straightening brush which is specifically designed for the short hair. A ceramic, titanium or tourmaline plate enabled brush will do the great in this respect.

7 Tips: How to Curl Short Hair with a Straightener

The new hair straightening brushes of this category are having great sort of ionic technology which refers to great result because here positive ions are converted into negative ions. Plates which are narrow and slim will do a great job for this purpose.

Steps to perform and Checklist to maintain

Step 1:

First of all, you will have to take precaution before starting this adventure. One should use a high-quality and branded heat protection spray which can minimize the damage of hair during curling. By using such sprays, you can easily and without any kind of tension, curl your short hair by using hair straightening brush.

Step 2:

When you are using the hair straightening irons in such case, then you will have to start from the top of each section and then clamp firmly and get down through. In this way, each section will be entertained individually, and you will get the desired results as you are willing to.

Step 3:

Step no. 3 is the an interesting one, what you have to do in it that twist hair around the straightening iron as it is going down and reaching to the end of hair. In this way, your hair will start getting curls respectively.

Step 4:

Then slide down the straightener from your hair after few seconds.

Step 5:

This is the basic process you have to follow all over your head and in this way, you will have curls for your short hair.

Step 6:

Then what you have to do is to separate your hair using your fingers and it is up to you what sort of curling do you want. You can separate curls as per your choice.

Step 7:

After all of this process, when you are done, you can use some quality and light hair spray or serum etc. which will present a very glamorous look to your hair. In this way, you may achieve the desired curling for your short hair by using straightener brush or irons.

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