Best Dafni Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

It is so much effective for all types of hairs.It raises up the temperature up to 350°F and is adjustable as well.

This product review is for DAFNI, the original Dafni ceramic straight hair brush. In this Dafni brush review, I will discuss the features, characteristics of this model. This is the best hair straightener brush you will ever find.A brush that straightens your hair.This review is especially for the US. The most important fact is that the European model has different features and characteristics.

There are no additional items to be found when you will open the box. You will only find the brush in the box. Although it could be a good addition if they add a case or a bag in it.Top 10 Best Hair Straightening Brush


Dimensions: Ceramic hair brush has a very sleek and modern look. The dimensions are 15.5×6.5×4.6 inches.

Buttons layout: This best hair brush straightener is perfectly designed for every type of the user and it has only one control that is on/off the button.

Material: The body of the Dafni electric hair brush is purely made of plastic. It has classic look and ensures that your hand will not hurt during use this brush. As from the name Dafni Ceramic hair brush, ceramic is used on the exterior as it is an excellent conductor of heat. The head shape of the brush is standard oval. The Dafni ceramic hair brush looks different from others due to the bristles on the head. This straightener hair brush utilizes the 3D design.
Color: This fast hair straightener is only offered in one color that is black and with the coordination of blue on the head its make brush nice and visually appealing contrast.


Heating time: The brush usually takes approximately 60 or more seconds to reach temperature of 365°F. This makes it more compatible and produces quick and reliable results.

Cord and hanging look: The fast hair straightener brush has a nice feature of rotating cord which helps to keep the cord out of the way. On the other hand, A hanging hook allows for temporary storage.

Technical aspects

Temperature: This Dafni hair straightener brush does not allow the user to handle the temperature settings. This brush is only run at365°F.

Heating element: This brush utilizes a ceramic heating element surface and as discussed earlier it is an excellent conductor of heat. Ceramic is the best material in this product as it supports even heating across the entire surface.

Automatic shut-off: The brush does not have any automatic shut off. It is designed especially for 120 volts. For international users, and adapter with the higher voltage is necessary.


The important thing is that how will you know that which product is genuine and which one is fake. You can’t purchase original Dafni hair straightener brush directly from this seller that 100% ensure you that you will receive the genuine article. I am saying this because in the market you will see a lot of inferior models with very poor quality through and other related vendors.

9.5 Total Score

One of the most innovative and amazing technology of the current era. Dafini has taken its hair straightening brush to the upper most level because of its intuitive things. This amazing hair straightening brush includes the combing brush like design which enables you to straight your hair in an easy way. It is a versatile hair straightening brush which is suitable for almost every type of hair. The ceramic technology spikes offer the stability of temperature at its best. It helps you to dry your hair as well, just wait for it to get heat up at the right temperature. Then, you can enjoy the desired results.

  • Dafini the original offers anti-static effect.
  • A great design to have in your hands with the amazing portability option.
  • Easily to operate.
  • Gets heat up in short time.
  • No rotating swivel cord is offered in this model.
  • The control lock is not enabled in Dafini the original, so you can’t lock your desired settings on it.
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