How to Curl your hair in Tremendous ways

Curly hairs or the making of your hair curl is getting so famous nowadays. Especially on various occasions like wedding, this hair style is the favorite of all. No matter what type of hair you have, curl design can be implemented on your hair easily just by following some of the tricks which will able your hair not to get damaged. Follow the following tricks or ways to curl your hair in an easy way.

Use of Curling Wands

The use of curling wands to curl hair is the most popular method. The curling wands or tong comes in different shapes and sizes which help you to achieve your desired curl. For your kind information, you must use a wand that’s one-inch wide or less. The wands which are bigger than an inch, are used to create big curls. There’s no matter which size of wand you are using, the main thing is its use in a proper way. Have a look on the steps to perform.

  • If you have taken shower and wants to curl your hair, then first make sure that your hairs are dry. Remove any knots or tangles from your hair for smooth process completion.
  • To get the prominent and effective results, divide your hair into three or more segments or sections (Depends on your hair), then pick up a layer of hair from any of the sides of your choice. Keep in mind that the layer you are selecting must not be more than an inch wide. Because if it is wider than one inch that the heat from wand won’t affect your hair in an efficient manner.
  • Now the most important part, wrap the selected segment of your hair around the barrel of your curling tong and then take a start from the base and start moving upwards. Start curling your hair away from your face, to eliminate the risk of burning. If you want tighter curls then hold your hair up to 10 seconds and if you want looser curls and make the counter less than 10.
  • After this, let your curls to get cool. In case you want tighter curls then use hair grip to hold it in place while you go round the rest of your head.
  • Repeat the same steps for each section of your hair.

Curling of hair without using Heat

Curling of hair is getting popular because such hair style gives an elegant look if its done on particular occasions. People tend to use best straightener brush for the straightening of their hair but this hairstyle is normal now as you can do this on a normal day. but the curly hair style is best for special occasions. Yes, it’s pretty possible to get non-frizzy hair defined curls without using heat. There is a method called plopping which is mostly implemented on the hair which have some natural curls.

How to Curl your hair in Tremendous ways


  • When you have washed your hair, apply normal products which are recommended to make hairs curl.
  • Then place a T-shirt on a flat surface, flip your head over and lower your hair down on to the shirt. Please make sure that it’s gathered in the center.
  • Now you have to roll the bottom of the T-shirt towards the nape of your neck and please secure it in a knot.
  • After doing all this, now you have to bring the top of the T-shirt over the rest of your hair, wrap the sleeves around your head.
  • When your hair gets dry, then unwrap the shirt to reveal perfect curls, that’s how you can get perfect hair curls without the use of heat.

Curls hairs through straighteners


Yes, it is possible to curl your hair through hair straightening brushes. Follow the following steps to curl your hair using Electric hair straightening brush.

  • Once you have completely dried your hair then start the process because your hair won’t get curled if they are damped.
  • Partition your hair into section to make curling process manageable if you have long or thick hairs.
  • Now what you have to do is to take one-inch section of hair and spritz with hair spray to help give your curl added hold, this will help you to get desired hair curl.
  • To curl your hair, use thin flat straightener, clamp down on the section of hair fairly close to the scalp, turn the straighteners back on themselves by 180 degrees. Then you have to run gently and slowly the section of hair until you reach the end. When you will slowly run the straightener in your hair, it will produce tighter curls. If you want loose curls then run it quickly through your hairs.
  • Repeat the same process.
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