How to Use a Hair Straightening Brush

There is always a better and perfect way to perform any kind of operation which results in the proficient and desired result. Same is in the case with usage of a Hair straightening brush. It is quite a simple process but one should know about the right way to do it. Following is the process or steps which one have to perform to get their hairs straightened without any kind of damage and to get desired results at the end.

How to Use a Hair Straightening Brush

Wash your hairs

The first and basic step to straight your hairs is to clean them. Shampoo your hairs and use a better conditioner which you would like to, which results in nice and clean hairs. Then use a towel gently that your hairs may remain damp a bit, so that you can use the brush on it. One can use a moisturizer as well on hairs.

Brush the hairs Gently

Now it’s time to brush hairs to make them straight. Plug in your brush and adjust its temperature on the number which you want it to get on. As we have encountered through various kinds of brushes which have LCD display on their handle that displays the temperature of brush. The main point to notice is that, we should adjust the temperature of brush on least possible number as the heat can be resultant to damaging to our hairs. So, we should adjust the temperature as according which is needed basically for the straightening of hairs. Now start from the back of head and slowly brush your hairs from base to bottom. This should be done gently and carefully. By keeping it gentle, each section of hair is evenly dried and straightened in a professional manner. You may require to brush each section 3 to 4 times but it depends on the type of hairs.


For better and keen results, one must clean their brush regularly with a damp cloth. Regularly refers that, one must clean it after every use. While using the Best hair straightener brush, one must take care that it may go to the base of hairs so that your strands should also be get straightened. Brushing your hairs slowly and gently will result in a better straightened hair. They will get evenly straightened and distributed. Each section must receive required heat to make it straight.


It is not a very difficult process to perform, all you need is carefulness. The conclusion to straight up your hairs is to wash them, dry them up with a towel and let your hairs a bit damp. And then start brushing gently. Each section of hair may require multiple reviews of brush to be applied. By following such method, you will surely have the desired result of straight, sleek and smooth hairs which you are looking for by paying saloons to do the same process. If you keep in mind the tips and process, you will get the effective results without any kind of damage to your hairs.

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